Expert WitnessHow Much Money Can You Make As An Expert Witness?

How Much Money Can You Make As An Expert Witness?

How much Money can I make?

It definitely depends on your expertise and the case you get. Hourly rates for trial preparation, testimony, and deposition which could add up. Case prep:$422 an hour and Deposition: $524 an hour and trial testimony: $550 an hour. In a typical case, the average witness took home $13k for~25 hours of work. Who investigates the causes and origins of construction failures reported getting paid $2.4m. On the other hand a horse expert charges an average of $225 an hour.  

Expert witnesses tend to charge their hourly fees on a portal-to-portal basis, much like the legal profession. The basic perspective is that an “hour is an hour,” meaning that there is a charge for time spent on your matter regardless of whether it is reviewing documents, meeting with attorneys or getting to and from a meeting. Expert witnesses generally expense travel and lodging expenses without markup. 

As some might know, the Depp and Heard trial had nearly a dozen expert witnesses. That estimate collectively charged $1m plus for that trial. In a high profile case putting a million dollars at stake, it’s common to have 6 to 10 expert witnesses between opposing sides like Depp and Heard trial.  As a medical professional, is the highest paid. Hand surgeons average as much as $1.4k an hour or 10x higher than an hourly average job. 

Let’s say an expert Cardiology is hired by the prosecution for $500 an hour. If the defense team wants to not use him, they must pay him for the privilege. He also must charge the opposing side a reasonable fee under the Federal rule of criminal procedure. Murder trials involving a police officer cost public defenders and prosecutors $600 k in expert testimony – $210k of which can add up depending how complex the case is. 

The majority of expert witnesses on the platforms are gainfully employed and only do witness work as a side gig, economic consultants who often earn $500k+ a year testifying. 

How do I get jobs as an Expert Witness?

Establish yourself as an expert in your desired field through education, job experience,peer review, longevity in the field, practical experience, training, and displaying a level of knowledge about a subject. Expert witnesses don’t just start a career path trying to be an“expert witness” you have to surpass your field. If you are able to testify under pressure and face of expert cross examination.  

There is no advertising for expert witnesses due to litigation being confidential in nature. Meaning that someone has to know that you exist and find you online. But unfortunately the only way to be found if you aren’t known is keywords. 

If you don’t have any prior litigation experience as an expert witness you should either join a directory or LinkedIn. Your profile on any site should be thorough and complete therefore paralegals can hire you, you have to remember paralegals don’t know anything about you besides what you put on your profiles that is why you should always put as much information on any listing or website. 


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