Expert WitnessChild Abuse Prevention and Expert Witness Services: Coalition for Children

Child Abuse Prevention and Expert Witness Services: Coalition for Children

The Coalition for Children is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Sherryll Kraizer in 1982, with the mission of enhancing the well-being of children, families, and society. Dr. Kraizer is an internationally recognized expert and author in child well-being, including child abuse prevention, bullying prevention, child safety, and special education.

The organization offers a range of programs to prevent child abuse and bullying, including the Safe Child Program, Take A Stand Bullying Prevention, and the REACH, CHALLENGE, and RECOVERY life skills programs. These programs are used in schools, churches, foster care agencies, and other organizations around the world.

The organization’s mission is to provide positive, effective, culturally diverse prevention programming in collaboration with other organizations and individuals. Their services are available to educators, parents, and other professionals who work with children.

The Coalition for Children is committed to making their programs available free of charge to organizations around the world. They also offer training and consultation services to individuals and organizations interested in implementing their programs.

To learn more about the Coalition for Children and their programs, visit their website or contact them directly.


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