Expert WitnessAccident ReconstructionUnparalleled Expert Services in Engineering Photography: Paul Kayfetz Inc.

Unparalleled Expert Services in Engineering Photography: Paul Kayfetz Inc.

Paul Kayfetz Inc. has been providing expert engineering photography services for over fifty years. Led by founder Paul Kayfetz, who has a unique background in law and engineering photography, the firm specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions.

With over 500 qualifications as an expert witness since 1963, Paul Kayfetz Inc. has a solid reputation for their expertise in courtrooms. They have provided expert witness testimony in federal and state courts in various jurisdictions, leading to substantial verdicts and settlements.

In the field of accident reconstruction, the firm excels in visibility studies. They accurately depict visibility conditions using HD-video and still photography, both during the day and at night. Their advanced engineering computer methods enhance the visuals by adding or removing objects with photorealistic appearance.

Paul Kayfetz Inc. utilizes comparison photogrammetry techniques to determine precise measurements at accident scenes. By using overlapping measurement grids in comparison photographs, they achieve greater accuracy, providing clear evidence for legal arguments.

For vehicle testing and machine operations, Paul Kayfetz Inc. offers high-speed video recording services. This ensures precise documentation and analysis of crucial details, facilitating thorough examination and impactful evidence presentation. For more information, visit their website or contact them directly.


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