Expert WitnessExpert Nephrology Services for Legal Cases With Griffiths Renal Consulting

Expert Nephrology Services for Legal Cases With Griffiths Renal Consulting

In the complexities of legal cases involving kidney disease, dialysis, and related conditions, Dr. Kevin Griffiths is a board-certified nephrologist and hypertension specialist. He provides expert consulting services through his firm, Griffiths Renal Consulting. With over 20 years of experience and a strong reputation in the field, Dr. Griffiths offers invaluable expertise to attorneys and healthcare professionals alike.

Dr. Griffiths and his team thoroughly examine the medical facts, providing honest assessments to determine whether the standard of care has been met or medical negligence has occurred. They specialize in a wide range of renal conditions, including acute kidney injury, dialysis complications, renal transplants, chronic kidney disease, and hypertension.

As the medical director of two highly rated dialysis facilities in Washington, DC, Dr. Griffiths has firsthand experience in ensuring top-notch patient care and safety. His dedication to excellence has earned both facilities a 5-star safety rating from Medicare guidelines in 2018.

For attorneys seeking expert consulting services in nephrology-related legal cases, Griffiths Renal Consulting is the go-to resource. To get in touch with Dr. Griffiths and his team, call (202) 877-5408. More information on the comprehensive services they provide is also located on their website.


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