Expert WitnessAccident ReconstructionExpert Witness Services, Inc.: Expert Testimony and Analysis for Legal Cases

Expert Witness Services, Inc.: Expert Testimony and Analysis for Legal Cases

Having access to reliable expert analysis and testimony can make all the difference in legal proceedings. Expert Witness Services, Inc., based in La Mesa, CA, is a provider of specialized services in the field of natural and biological sciences. With a team of professionals, they offer comprehensive support to lawyers and clients in understanding the intricacies of physical evidence in litigation.

The experts at Expert Witness Services, Inc. have the ability to unravel the sequence of events leading to injuries, property damage, or loss of life. They frequently provide vehicle accident reconstruction, where their expertise includes various vehicle types such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. They also analyze traffic signal timing to ascertain which party most likely entered an intersection during a green indication.

For a holistic understanding of accidents, Expert Witness Services, Inc. provides biomechanical analysis. By evaluating factors such as bone and muscle strength, physiological aspects, and the influence of age and disabilities, their experts shed light on the severity of injuries and their impact on an individual’s functionality.

The team at Expert Witness Services, Inc. is committed to delivering accurate analysis and reporting for legal cases. To benefit from their expert services, interested parties can contact Expert Witness Services, Inc. by phone at 619-464-3477 or visit their website. 


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