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Precision and Expertise With Paul Kayfetz Inc.: Engineering Photography Services

For over five decades, Paul Kayfetz Inc. has been delivering exceptional engineering photography services to attorneys and insurance companies nationwide. Renowned for their precision and expertise, the firm offers a comprehensive range of solutions that encompass visibility studies, comparison photogrammetry, computer virtual reality simulations, and high-speed video recording.

Under the leadership of founder Paul Kayfetz, the firm has garnered a stellar reputation in the industry. With a strong network of technical witnesses, Paul Kayfetz Inc. coordinates a team of experts who provide comprehensive technical testing, visibility studies, computer simulations, and demonstrative evidence strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Visibility studies are a critical component of accident reconstruction, and Paul Kayfetz Inc. employs cutting-edge techniques to accurately capture and analyze visibility conditions using high-definition video and still photography. Their engineering computer methods allow for seamless manipulation of visuals, enabling the addition or removal of objects while maintaining a photorealistic appearance.

The firm’s expertise extends to computer virtual reality simulations, where a combination of video, film, still photos, and artwork are used to create immersive 3-dimensional presentations and films. This powerful tool enhances understanding and aids in presenting complex engineering concepts in a visually compelling manner.

With a track record of over 500 qualifications as expert witnesses since 1963, Paul Kayfetz Inc. has played a pivotal role in federal and state courts, contributing to substantial verdicts and settlements for their clients. Their meticulous approach to engineering photography has helped attorneys and insurance companies save or win hundreds of millions of dollars.

To learn more about Paul Kayfetz Inc. and their unparalleled services, please visit their website or contact them directly at (415) 868-0480.


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